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I'm not Chinese, can I still join your club?

Yes! You do not have to be Chinese to become a member of CSA. We welcome folks from all backgrounds!

When does CSA meet?

Rather than meet on a weekly basis, our officers work to produce and host various CSA events throughout the quarter. Events can occur on various days of the week and we aim for 3-5 activities a quarter. Attendance at events in not required but we love seeing everyone throughout the quarter. Follow our Instagram for up to date posts!

How large is CSA?

As one of the largest RSOs on campus, CSA has over 300 registered members every year. Our events range in size from small meets up of 15 members to large scale events that bring in over 600 community members. 

How do I become an officer?

Officer recruitment occurs in Fall Quarter and is facilitated by the Recruitment Directors. Keep an eye out at the beginning of the year for more information and be sure to attend our kickoff week, Hey CSA!

My organization is interested in working with CSA. How might we start a partnership?

CSA always looks forward to engaging with community partners! Please reach out to us at for an inquiries. Community organization partnerships are lead by our External Vice President and sponsorships are facilitated by our Sponsorship and Fundraising Chair. 

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